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Coded Lounge and Hotel

The premier relaxation choice offering a harmonious blend of convenience and sophistication. Nestled in the heart of Palmgrove, shielded from the bustle of Lagos, our location provides a tranquil haven for groups, corporate clients, and spontaneous guests seeking a refined blend of relaxation, activities, and entertainment adhering to the highest standards.


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Explore Our Rooms

Classic Suite
1 Bed 1 Bath Free Wifi

At Coded Lounge and Hotel, the rooms are well appointed and designed to provide comfort, satisfaction and convenience.

Executive Suite
1 Bed 1 Bath Free Wifi

We offer designed rooms that offers a curated experience that seamlessly blends comfort, satisfaction, and convenience.

Royal Suite
1 Bed 1 Bath Free Wifi

We offer meticulously designed rooms, curated to deliver an unparalleled blend of comfort, satisfaction, and convenience.

Privacy and Satisfaction

Symphony of Comfort, Satisfaction and Style!

At Coded Lounge and Hotel, every stay is meticulously orchestrated, creating a symphony of comfort, satisfaction, and style. From the plush accommodations to personalized services, we harmonize every element to ensure your experience is not just a stay but a captivating composition of luxury and contentment. Welcome to a melody of unparalleled hospitality at Coded Lounge and Hotel.

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